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BIG Endocon 1

BIG Endocon 1

BIG Hospital, Patna started a trend of conducting training workshops in Endoscopic procedures for new entrants and procedures the field of Gastroentrology.

BIG Hospital, Patna acquired the first Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) machine of Eastern India in August 2012. With the advantage of having EUS at our institute and experience of over 400 cases done in last 17 months, the first BIG Endocon was conducted as a EUS workshop on 18th & 19th February 2014, who has a vast experience of EUS came to BIG Hospital, Patna and conducted the training. This two day programme had introductory lectures and hands on training for radial echo endoscope on Day 1 and linear echo endoscope on Day 2.

Hands on training of endoscopic ultrasound was given to 20 participants as follows:-

  1. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Patna)
  2. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Thakur (Patna)
  3. Dr. Sujit Kumar (Patna)
  4. Dr. Ameet Kr. Banka (Patna)
  5. Dr. Utpal Anand (Patna)
  6. Dr. Abhay Kumar (Patna)
  7. Dr. Rana N.K.Singh (Patna)
  8. Dr. Srikant Pandey (Patna)
  9. Dr. Deepak Kumar (Patna)
  10. Dr. Avinash Chandra (Hajipur)
  11. Dr. Deepak Kr. Singh (Begusarai)
  12. Dr. Vijay Shankar (Paras Hospital, Patna)
  13. Dr. Sanjay Singh (Pulse Hospital, Patna)
  14. Dr. Rajib Kumar Singh (Chhapra)
  15. Dr. Anant Kumar Singh (Patna)
  16. Dr. Amar Kumar Singh (Patna)
  17. Dr. Rajan Chaudhary (Patna)
  18. Dr. Navneet Kumar Singh (Patna)
  19. Dr. Ramesh (Paras Hospital, Patna)
  20. Dr. Sunil Kr. Singh (Patna)