Dr Ankita Singh (PT)


Dr. Ankita Singh is a distinguished senior physiotherapist with over four years of expertise in acute, chronic, and long-term physiotherapy, physical pain management, and rehabilitation medicine. She holds a BPT from Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad (2018), with additional certifications in CKTPA, CCPM, and CESIR.

Throughout her career, Dr. Singh has made significant contributions to the field, including leading the Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation teams at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital and Healing Zone Healthcare. Her professional journey includes an internship at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dehradun, where she honed her skills further. Notably, she is a gold medalist and was honored with the Best Student Award at OMPTCON.


Educational Qualification Details :

  •         BPT – Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad  (2018), CKTPA, CCPM, CESIR


Work Experience:

·        Over 4 years of experience in Acute, Chronic and long –term Physiotherapy, Physical Pain Management & Rehabilitation Medicine

·        Formerly leading the Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation team–Big Apollo Spectra Hospital & Healing Zone Healthcare

·        Internship at Max Super Speciality hospital, Dehradun

·        Gold medalist

·        Got best students Award in OMPTCON


Professional area of Interest:

·        Orthopedic Physiotherapy& Rehabilitation

·        Neuro Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

·        Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

·        Oncology

·        Pediatrics& Geriatric Rehabilitation

Treatment & Services Expertise

            All kind of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

·        Pediatric  Rehabilitation (cerebral palsy, autism, delayed milestone)

·        Pain management

·        Arthritis

·        Neurological condition

·        Pregnancy exercise

·        Workplace injury

Training &Conferences:

Certificate Course of Therapeutic Taping

·        Participated in international conference of orthopedic manual physical   therapy (OMPTCON 2018) at Jamia  Islamia

·        Certificate Course of  Essential of Spinal Injury Rehabilitation.

·        Certificate Course of  Cerebral Palsy Management.

·        Certificate Course of  Kinesio Taping : Principles & Application.