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Specialty: Orthopedics


Full range of orthopedic procedures. Management of Trauma & Emergency, Knee & Hip Replacement and revision; deformity correction.

Joint Replacement

Knee Replacement                                 - Elbow Replacement

Shoulder Replacement                           - Finger Joint Replacement

Hip Replacement

Arthroscopy & Joint Preservation

Shoulder Arthroscopy                               Knee Arthroscopy

-Bankart Repair for Dislocation                   - ACL Reconstruction

-Rotator Cuff Repair                                       -PCL Reconstruction

-Capsular Release                                         - Meniscus Repair/Meniscectomy

-Subacromial Decompression                   - Articular Cartilage Surgery

-ACJ Reconstruction                                        -Multi-Ligament                

    Elbow Arthroscopy                                             Ankle Arthroscopy

    -Capsular release for stiffness                            -Loose Body removal

    -Loose Body removal                                          -Microfracture

    -Painful elbow in Throwing Athlete                      -Ankle Fusion

    -Elbow Instability                                                   - Ankle Instability

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