Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery in Patna

Wrist Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure conducted at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna, allowing your physician to explore the inner workings of your wrist. Injuries resulting from falls, accidents, or issues involving wrist twisting can lead to discomfort.


Purpose of Wrist Arthroscopy

The primary objective of wrist arthroscopy is to closely examine and address medical problems and disorders within the wrist. It offers your physician a clear view of the joint's interior. Wrist arthroscopy becomes necessary after accidents, falls, or instances of wrist pain. These issues often lead to severe pain and swelling around the wrist area. Wrist surgery is the optimal approach to identify the underlying injury and provide the necessary repairs. Additionally, it facilitates the fixation of fractured bones near the wrist and eradication of wrist infections. 

Wrist Arthroscopy Procedure

At Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna, the wrist arthroscopy procedure entails several steps. Similar to other surgical processes, the area requiring attention – the wrist – is assessed. Subsequently, a small incision is made to access the wrist's interior. Through this incision, a tube containing a camera at its forefront is inserted into the wrist. The camera's imagery is projected onto a screen, revealing the wrist's inner structure. Sometimes, multiple small incisions are made to provide a comprehensive view of the ligaments and joints within the wrist. 

Associated Risks with Wrist Arthroscopy

As with any open surgery, wrist arthroscopy carries certain risks, including:
·        Risk of infection from external bacteria, more common in open surgeries due to faster interaction between bacteria and tissues.
·        Potential damage to nerves, tendons, and cartilage during the procedure.
·        Possibility of joint stiffness or restricted motion, which could be temporary or permanent. These risks often manifest during the post-surgery rehabilitation phase.

Recovery Process After Successful Wrist Surgery

Recovery duration varies from person to person, depending on individual responses. While some individuals quickly adapt to surgical changes and recover within a specified timeframe, others might experience difficulties due to factors such as a weakened immune system. 

After a successful wrist surgery, your wrist will be bandaged, and you will be instructed to provide adequate rest for approximately two weeks. This period allows your body to adapt to the surgical changes while ensuring proper healing and reduced pain. Despite the bandaged wrist, finger movement is encouraged to prevent swelling and maintain wrist joint flexibility. 

Your doctor will offer comprehensive guidelines, including recommended activities and precautions for optimal wound healing. By diligently following these instructions, you can experience minimal pain and a speedy recovery. 


Wrist arthroscopy is a common procedure performed annually on patients grappling with wrist-related medical issues. Skilled surgeons execute these procedures with the utmost care to ensure patient safety and rapid healing. By adhering to your doctor's guidance and adopting the prescribed methods, you can minimize discomfort and expedite recovery both during and after the procedure. 

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