Trauma and Fracture Surgery Treatment & Diagnostics in Patna, Bihar

Introduction Fractures can occur unexpectedly to anyone, often resulting from trauma. Even simple activities like continuous running can lead to minor fractures. However, more severe fractures typically stem from accidents or injuries. This article delves into fractures, their surgical treatment, and the importance of addressing them promptly.


Understanding Trauma and Fracture Surgery

Orthopedic trauma forms a specialized field within orthopedic surgery, addressing bone, joint, and soft tissue issues (cartilage, ligaments, and muscles) arising from trauma. Surgical interventions for fractures in trauma cases collectively fall under the umbrella of trauma and fracture surgery. 

When is Trauma and Fracture Surgery Necessary?

Fractures can range from minor to major. The severity of a fracture determines whether surgical intervention is necessary. While minor fractures might respond to casts or splints, severe fractures require surgery. Examples of severe fractures include:

·        Femur fractures
·        Shoulder fractures
·        Hip fractures
·        Knee fractures
In the event of fractures in these areas, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial.

The Procedure by a Trauma and Fracture Surgeon

At Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna, the procedure performed by a trauma and fracture surgeon follows these steps:

·        Administration of general or local anesthesia based on the fracture's location.
·        Assessment of patient vitals.
·        Surgical incisions made using specialized tools.
·        Necessary bone repairs conducted.
·        If required, damaged bones and joints are replaced with prosthetics.
·        Wound closure, repair, and dressing.

Risks, Complications, and Side Effects

Trauma and fracture surgery entail several potential risks, complications, and side effects, including:

·        Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
·        Delayed union (prolonged bone healing)
·        Nonunion (incomplete bone healing)
·        Malunion (improperly aligned healing)
·        Premature epiphyseal closure leading to limb discrepancies
·        Fracture-associated sarcoma (bone tumor post-surgery)
·        Wound infections
·        Blistering at the fracture site
·        Damage to surrounding tissues, skin, and nerves
·        Haemarthrosis (bleeding into a joint)
·        Vascular injury


Fractures, especially severe ones, can have far-reaching consequences, potentially even life-threatening. Neglecting a fracture resulting from an injury is ill-advised. If you sustain a fracture, seek immediate medical attention in Patna to ensure timely and appropriate treatment. Reach out to Big Apollo Spectra Hospital at 0612-3540100 to address your needs promptly.