Ritika Raj

My name is Ritika Raj and I am a resident of Patna. I was having stone in my gallbladder. I approached Big Apollo Hospital and undergone gallstones surgery. The surgery was performed by Dr. Abhay Kumar and the surgery lasted for an hour. The stone size was 15 mm. Usually, the surgery process involves taking 4 stones. However, the doctor here took only 2 stones and then extracted the stone in my gallbladder. The surgery was done safely and successfully. Within just 24 hours, I am feeling quite better and my health is improved.  The hospital’s staff, atmosphere, doctors, and all faciltiies are nice here. The staff is quite friendly and supportive.


Visit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgVZgbc-2rY&list=PLgFF6iu5ls68WQXLT-x_MbLE7GANXebVI&index=9