Rameez Ahmad

My name is Rameez Ahmad. My mother, Nur Jahan Khatoon faced very bad condition due to very low pulse rate (below 30). We admitted to Big Apollo Spectra Hospital on emergency basis. Dr. Neeraj Kumar treated my mother’s condition. He placed pacemaker and PPI for my mother’s treatment. First, temporary pacemaker was placed and then my mother was made stable. He then suggested that there is a need for permanent pacemaker. So, he placed permanent pacemaker the next day. Now my mother’s health is quite improved. She can easily walk and move without issues. We appreciate the excellent treatment, services, and facilities from this hospital.


Visit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLXJ23PR788&list=PLgFF6iu5ls68WQXLT-x_MbLE7GANXebVI&index=16