Priya Gadia

My name is Akshit and my aunt name is Priya Gadia. We went on a 10-12 days of family trip. During the last 2 days of trip, 4 members of our family met with an accident. My aunt’s leg met with an accident and her condition was critical. We came to know about Big Apollo Hospital, Patna and we were attended by Dr. Abhishek Kumar Das for the patient’s leg surgery. We build trust in the doctor in just 2-5 minutes of conversation with him Within half an hour of visiting the hospital, we decided that we will have the patient’s leg surgery here only. During that time, the leg condition was quite pathetic and critical. There was considerable blood loss from her leg. So, undergoing operation became inveitable. I highly thank the doctor and the team at Big Apollo Hospital for giving me new life and successfully completing my accidental leg surgery.


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