Mohammad Shamshudeen Ansari

My name is Mohammad Shamshudeen Ansari and I am a resident of Sitamadhi, Bihar. My son had a problem that his stomach was getting enlarged. We undergo his ultrasound test and that doctor mentioned that his kidney is filled with water and is diagnosed with kidney infection. The ultrasound doctor suggested us to visit Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna. We met Dr. Vikas Kumar there.  After seeing ultrasound test report and listening to our problem, the doctor first mentioned to remove water from the kidney. He connected pipe for water removal of kidney and diagnosed the condition. After 2-3 days, he mentioned that water removal is not happening due to kidney malfunction. So, he performed kidney operation successfully. Now my son is feeling better and his stomach is now comparatively less enlarged. After 1-2 months, his health is completely recovered. I am highly thankful for the excellent treatment and facilities provided here.


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