Hip Replacement Surgery in Patna

Hip replacement surgery, also known as total hip arthroplasty, is a procedure performed at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna, to alleviate debilitating pain and discomfort caused by a damaged hip joint. This surgical intervention involves the replacement of the worn-out joint with artificial components made from durable materials such as ceramic, hard plastic, and metal. 

Candidates for Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery becomes a consideration when individuals experience relentless pain and limited mobility due to hip joint issues. Eligible candidates may encounter conditions like:

·        Osteoarthritis
·        Traumatic arthritis resulting from injuries
·        Rheumatoid arthritis leading to joint inflammation and deformation
·        Osteonecrosis, where reduced blood supply to the hip joint causes bone collapse or deformity


Surgical Procedure Overview
Both traditional and minimally invasive techniques can be employed for hip replacement surgery at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna. The aim is to replace the damaged components of the hip joint to restore optimal function. 

Anaesthesia is administered to ensure the patient's comfort during the surgery. In traditional surgery, a longer incision is made along the hip joint to access and remove the damaged bone and cartilage. In contrast, minimally invasive procedures involve smaller incisions. 

For the replacement, artificial prosthetics are affixed into the pelvic bone using surgical cement. Similarly, the ball part of the thighbone is replaced with a prosthetic ball connected to a stem that fits into the thighbone. The incision is closed using sutures, and bandages are applied. A temporary drain may be inserted if fluids are discharged from the incision site. 

Indications for Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is usually pursued after other treatment options have been exhausted. Signs that may prompt consideration for this surgery include:

·        Persistently worsening pain
·        Sleep disturbances due to pain
·        Difficulty climbing stairs
·        Impairment in daily activities

Post-Surgery Risks and Complications
As with any surgery, hip replacement carries potential risks and complications, including:

·        Infection
·        Blood clot formation
·        Fracture or dislocation
·        Nerve damage
·        Subsequent need for additional surgery
·        Alteration in leg length

In the event of prolonged complications following surgery, immediate consultation with a medical professional is advised. 

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