Biopsy Treatment & Diagnostics in Patna

At Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patna, Bihar, a specialized procedure known as a biopsy is performed to meticulously analyze and assess the presence of potential diseases or disorders. This method involves the extraction of a tissue sample, followed by microscopic examination. 

Biopsies serve the purpose of confirming suspected conditions based on noticeable signs or symptoms, as well as targeted evaluations by your medical practitioner. This procedure aids in identifying the existence of irregular tissues, including lesions, tumors, or masses. 

Varieties of Biopsies:

Dependent on the location of the anomaly, various biopsy types are conducted at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patna:

        Bone Marrow Biopsy: This technique entails inserting a substantial needle into the hip bone's rear section to procure a bone marrow sample. It is employed to detect blood-related disorders like leukemia or lymphoma.
        Needle Biopsy: A common approach where a needle is introduced into the concerning area to extract a tissue sample. This procedure is frequently used when palpable skin lumps, such as lymph nodes or breast abnormalities, are present.
        Skin Biopsy: This method involves using a circular blade to extract a tissue sample from the body's surface, aiding in the identification of skin conditions like melanoma.
        Surgical Biopsy: Accomplished through small incisions in the affected region, this approach is employed to either excise lumps or entirely eliminate challenging-to-reach abnormal growths in tissues.
        CT-guided Biopsy: Images from a CT scanner guide the precise needle placement in targeted tissue while the individual lies on the scanner.
        Ultrasound-guided Biopsy: An ultrasound scanner assists in accurately guiding the needle in lesions.
        Endoscopic Biopsy: Conducted via a slender tube equipped with a camera and light (endoscope), this method enables visualization of internal body structures. Tissue samples are obtained using forceps, with the endoscope inserted through the mouth or a small surgical incision.
        Liver and Kidney Biopsy: Needles are inserted through the stomach to access the liver or kidney for tissue collection.

Biopsy Procedure:

The preparation for a biopsy varies based on its complexity. Depending on the type of biopsy, you may be required to lie on your stomach, back, or maintain a stationary position. In some cases, you might need to hold your breath during needle insertion. 

Anesthesia may be administered depending on the biopsy type. Minimally invasive techniques are employed for needle biopsies, ensuring minimal discomfort. Tissue removal takes place after numbing the area to ensure a painless experience. 

Subsequent to the acquisition of the tissue sample, it is dispatched to a laboratory for comprehensive analysis and interpretation. The resultant report aids in determining whether cellular growth is indicative of cancer, facilitating insights into the type and stage of any abnormal tissue growth. 

Benefits of Biopsy:

Biopsy provides numerous advantages, including:

        A dependable method for distinguishing between benign and malignant cancer growth.
        Minimally invasive needle biopsies.
        Swift recovery times.
        Quick resumption of daily activities.
        Accurate and precise results.
        A secure procedure with minimized risk.

Biopsy Side Effects:

Potential side effects of a biopsy encompass:

        Unintended harm to adjacent tissues or structures.
        Risk of infection.
        Intense discomfort or pain.
        Swelling at the site of needle insertion. 

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