Bilio Pancreatic Diversion Treatment

Finest Bilio Pancreatic Diversion Treatment & Diagnostics in Patna, Bihar

 The premier destination for Bilio Pancreatic Diversion treatment and diagnostics is the esteemed Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patna. This specialized surgical procedure aims to promote weight reduction and limit nutrient absorption by altering the natural digestive process, thereby expediting digestion.

 Procedure Overview

At the cutting-edge Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, the procedure commences with the administration of anaesthesia to ensure patient comfort. The skilled surgeons make small abdominal incisions, employing specialized instruments for precision. During the surgery, a portion of the stomach is removed to curtail food intake while ensuring a feeling of fullness, ultimately leading to weight loss. 

Traditional digestion involves food passing from the stomach to the small intestine after mixing with liver and pancreatic juices. Bilio Pancreatic Diversion surgery rearranges the intestines to expedite meal mixing, resulting in reduced fat absorption and effective weight loss.

 Advantages of Bilio Pancreatic Diversion

This surgical intervention boasts several merits, such as:

  • Swift and immediate results.
  • Potential for diabetes management with up to 98 percent efficacy.
  • Minimal risk of weight regain.
  • Aid in alleviating ulcers.

Potential Side Effects and Risks

While beneficial, Bilio Pancreatic Diversion surgery presents certain risks, including:

  • Irreversibility of the procedure.
  • Possible mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
  • Risk of malnutrition due to reduced food consumption; necessitates vigilant intake of essential nutrients.
  • Likelihood of gallstone formation.
  • Occasional occurrence of diarrhea or increased bowel movements.
  • Minimal risks of infection or bleeding. 

Ideal Candidates for Bilio Pancreatic Diversion

To ensure successful outcomes and mitigate complications, suitable candidates for this procedure at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna, are individuals who:

  • Fall within the moderately to severely obese category.
  • Possess a BMI of 60 or higher.
  • Exhibit conditions like diabetes.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Demonstrate strong commitment.
  • Have exhausted non-surgical weight loss methods.

Booking an Appointment

For those seeking an appointment at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital, Patna, Bihar, the hospital can be contacted at 0612-3540100. 

Post-Surgery Care

Following the surgery, patients might experience discomfort, redness, or pain at incision sites, which can be alleviated through prescribed medications. Adjusted stomach capacity may lead to quicker feelings of fullness. It's crucial to prioritize nutrient-rich foods to combat potential malnutrition. Patients may encounter nausea, shakiness, or diarrhoea, which can be mitigated through a nutrient-balanced diet. 

For comprehensive Bilio Pancreatic Diversion treatment and diagnostics, Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patna stands as a leading choice, offering advanced care underpinned by medical expertise and cutting-edge facilities.