Advanced Ankle Arthroscopy Treatment & Diagnosis in Patna, Bihar

Experience cutting-edge ankle arthroscopy at the renowned Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patna. Ankle arthroscopy is a sophisticated surgical procedure designed to address intricate ankle joint issues while ensuring minimal invasiveness and enhanced recovery.


Procedure Overview 

Performed by skilled orthopedic surgeons, ankle arthroscopy offers a multitude of benefits:

·        Ankle Pain Alleviation: Ankle arthroscopy targets pain reduction and overall functional improvement in the ankle region.
·        Surgical Approach: The procedure commences with local anaesthesia, followed by meticulous marking of the operative area. A tourniquet is employed, ensuring optimal surgical conditions.
·        Precision Incisions: Two incisions, front and back, are made to accommodate the arthroscopic camera and surgical instruments. This advanced camera transmits magnified images of the ankle onto a video screen, aiding in accurate surgical navigation.
·        Enhanced Visibility: In certain cases, ankle joint stretching is facilitated to enhance visibility. The incisions serve as portals, allowing instrument exchange during the procedure.
·        Surgical Maneuvers: Utilizing motorized shavers and manual instruments, surgeons perform precise surgical interventions.
·        Closure and Care: After surgery, the incisions are carefully sutured to promote healing. A sterile dressing further ensures post-surgical comfort.

Arthroscopy Benefits 

Ankle arthroscopy is instrumental in managing various ankle disorders, including:

·        Infections: Arthroscopy can aid in addressing joint infections that may require urgent surgical intervention.
·        Arthrofibrosis: Scar tissue causing pain and stiffness can be identified and removed through ankle arthroscopy.
·        Anterior Ankle Impingement: Inflamed bones or soft tissues at the front of the ankle can be treated, alleviating pain and movement limitations.
·        Ankle Instability: Loose ligaments contributing to instability can be tightened through arthroscopic techniques.
·        Ankle Fractures: Arthroscopy complements open surgeries, ensuring proper alignment of bone and cartilage during fracture repair.
·        Ankle Arthritis: For advanced ankle arthritis, minimally invasive ankle fusion can be achieved through arthroscopy, often surpassing open surgery outcomes.

Consultation and Side Effects 

To initiate consultations at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patna, simply dial 0612-3540100 and secure an appointment. While ankle arthroscopy offers a transformative solution, it's vital to acknowledge potential side effects:

·        Nerve Injury
·        Formation of Blood Vessels around the Ankle
·        Numbness or Tingling Sensations 

These complications can typically resolve with time, guided by expert medical care. 

Choose Big Apollo Spectra Hospital for Ankle Arthroscopy, where innovation, precision, and patient well-being converge.