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Do you know that winter is the season of breathing problems?

Do you know that winter is the season of breathing problems?

  Category: Blog      Date: 15-11-2022  

You may have noticed how most people tend to sneeze or cough more often, as the temperatures start dropping.  

The cold and dry weather often causes us to have problems with our lungs. This is because, as a practice,  we do not have a conscious habit of breathing as deeply and correctly as we should, which decreases our oxygen levels. The lower the oxygen level, the more difficult it becomes for our bodies to function properly. 

 Breathing issues in winter can impact one's health in more ways than one. The cold and dry air can make your lungs feel clogged up, and when the weather gets cold enough for snow or frost, even breathing can be difficult. In cities and urban landscapes, the build-up of smog causes discomfort, triggers allergies, worsens asthma, and leads to irritation in the eyes and nose.

People with chronic breathing issues like allergies or asthma become even more uncomfortable and uneasy, as their symptoms aggravate quickly. 

In addition to this, little children as well as older people may also have a harder time breathing in cold weather due to age-related changes in their lung function. If you are an older person, or if there are children or elders in your family then it is important to be mindful of some basics, so that everyone is better equipped while tackling the cold wintry days ahead.

To begin with, we need to consciously breathe slowly and more deeply, especially during winter, in order to stay warm, robust, and healthy. 

Secondly, building one's immunity throughout the year is the key to experiencing good health and enjoying every season as it comes. This means consciously eating healthier meals, adding heat and immunity-building spices like ginger, turmeric, garlic, and cinnamon to your food,  taking multivitamins as prescribed, and having a simple yet consistent exercise/walking routine, especially if it is possible to do it early in the morning when the Sun is out. 

Age-old practices like yoga and pranayam have some very effective postures and breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs as well as build overall immunity.  

It is also practical to wear a mask when stepping outdoors, in order to avoid pollution while keeping the breathing passage at ease. 

Winter brings challenges but also has several upsides to it as well. So, enjoy the season while taking some precautions for yourself and your loved ones, and you will have fewer reasons to worry.

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