Causes of Acid Reflux – How to Prevent Heartburn & its Symptoms

Causes of Acid Reflux – How to Prevent Heartburn & its Symptoms

  Category: Gastroenterology     Date: 06-10-2023  

Acid reflux, also known as the unwelcome belly tenant of countless souls around the world (quite a few in India), is an all-too-common gastrointestinal disorder. 

This pesky condition arises when your stomach juice decides to take unwanted trips back up into its neighbor – the esophagus, causing discomfort along with some characteristic symptoms such as that fiery sensation called heartburn, regurgitation, and chest pain. 

Now dig deeper and you will find a host of causes behind acid reflux from lifestyle choices (we are looking at you junk food lovers!) to diet habits down right on health conditions lying low. 

And let's bring it home - In India this incident has formidably risen; statistics show quite a leap in reported cases throughout the last decade alone. 

Knowing the primary causes leading to this prevalence is crucial, not only for folks searching for some respite but also for healthcare professionals truly aiming to rope in righteous preventive measures and treatments. 

So, let's take a step further and delve into What Are the Causes of Acid Reflux?

And of course, as per the info being provided by Vijay Prakash Liver Specialist in Patna, we'd illuminate particular stats and figures related specifically to India's population suffering from acid reflux.

Causes of Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) as it's officially recognized, is a situation where stomach acid decides to take a detour and travel back up into the esophagus. 

This misdirection often results in an unwelcome feeling and symptoms that might remind one of heartburn painfully. Now imagine there are several potential culprits contributing to this disorderly conduct by your stomach acid: 

#1. Hiatal Hernia

So, it's this situation where the upper end of your stomach and that lower esophageal sphincter, also known as LES? Yeah, they sort of shift upward crossing over the diaphragm. This unfortunate scenario tends to let that nasty stomach acid go a bit rogue; and ends up flowing into the esophagus. 

#2. Weak Lower Esophageal Sphincter (or LES) 

It's a muscular ring that creates a vital separation between the esophagus and stomach. Should it falter or unwind in an unusual way, well, then we've got stomach acid making its rogue journey back into the esophagus. 

#3. Dietary choices 

They definitely play a significant role in catalyzing acid reflux.  You might be surprised to learn about a few Foods That Cause Acid Reflux, such as fiery spices, citrusy fruits like oranges and lemons, juicy tomatoes, potent garlic, onions; and even delectable chocolate - yep you heard right! Caffeine too makes part of this grueling list. 

#4. Alcohol Consumption

To add more woes are alcohol-help yourself moderation folks- coupled with greasy fast foods or deep-fried dishes. 

#5. Obesity

Think surplus weight, think rolls of fat gathering menacingly around the stomach. This might increase pressure on your stomach and LES with a consequential result — acid reflux.

#6. Pregnancy

Experiencing increased susceptibility to acid reflux is a common predicament faced by expectant mothers. This can primarily be attributed to an upsurge in abdominal pressure, teamed with hormonal shifts which tend to slacken off that good ol' LES.

#7. Smoking

Inhaling smoke from cigarettes, in other words, smoking has dulling effects on the LES as well it decreases saliva production. For you see, saliva is quite important as it aids in neutralizing stomach acid.

#8. Larger Meals

Devouring hefty meals or going horizontal straight after eating? Oh, that could amplify the odds of acid reflux, you know. When the stomach's emptying process is slower than usual, as seen in conditions like gastroparesis, it can lead to acid reflux symptoms. Also one of the major Causes Of Acid Reflux at Night!

#9. Esophageal irregularities

Conditions such as a constricted esophagus or even ulcerations in the esophagus can quite indeed serve to provoke symptoms of acid reflux. 

Now come to some of the common symptoms that you may ignore but should not be as they may become severe after a longer period.

Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Common symptoms of acid reflux may include:


Well, consider a sensation of burning residing right inside your chest region— quite often nestled snugly behind the breastbone. It isn't always constant in intensity; sometimes it's just a nagging discomfort. But other times? An invasive pain that's intense, severe and so much more than mild. 

#2. Sensation in Throat

Acid reflux, or what we typically refer to as regurgitation - is an unpleasant and, let's just say it, quite an icky sensation that feels like acid or grub is making a surprise reappearance in your throat or mouth. Ever experienced a sour or bitter sensation on your tongue? Often, this kind of disturbing taste is due to the backflow of contents from your stomach.

 #3. Dysphagia 

A fancy term for trouble swallowing. Ever feel like there's an annoying lump lodged in your throat? Or maybe you grimace with pain every time you swallow down food or drink? 

#4. Chest Pain

Now, this can be mistaken for heart-related discomfort called angina. Therefore, it is rather crucial to sideline any cardiac issues you might harbor if chest pain comes into play. 

#5. Chronic Cough

It comes as an off-shoot when acid reflux tends to tickle the throat on a constant basis. 

Now visualize yourself lying down or perhaps it is nighttime- that's when the persistent biting cough particularly can rear its head. 

#6. Voice changes or slight hoarseness 

these can certainly be triggered when the vocal cords suffer irritation from stomach acid, leading to alterations in your usual tone of speech. 

Throat troubles? The irritation that acid brings about can indeed result in an enduringly sore throat. 

Got acid reflux?

You might be dealing with more spit than the rest of us, as excessive saliva production is a common symptom.

Thus if you are also facing such symptoms of acid reflux you should not ignore them. Get in touch with Vijay Prakash Best Gastroenterologist in Patna providing best of the best medication and effective acid reflux treatments.

Along with that due to his years of experience in the field of Gastrology, you would also benefit from knowing about the healthy lifestyle choices to be made. 

Tips to Manage Acid Reflux

Here are some tips to follow for Acid Reflux Treatment at Home but these tips may be effective for some individuals depending upon the severity of their health condition.

#1. Steer clear of foods that trigger reactions 

Foods rich in fat and those fried, sweets like chocolate, strong-tasting vegetables such as garlic and onions, citrusy fruits with higher acid content, food high on spice levels or tomatoes along with beverages containing caffeine or that are carbonated can initiate bouts of acid reflux. Educate yourself about the foods causing a flare-up in your symptoms and make efforts to bypass them. 

#2. Embrace less hefty meals

Consuming larger meals can give rise to a situation where your stomach produces acid in surplus amounts. I recommend you take a different tack and head for lesser-sized, but more common meal times. Do your best to sidestep reclining post-dinner, and instead hang tight for around two to three hours after chowing down before you decide to hit the sack or lie flat. 

#3. Keep your weight in the healthy range 

When there happens to be an excess of weight, more so around your abdomen section, the unfortunate reality is that it places pressure on your stomach and exacerbates acid reflux. Shedding excess pounds could indeed alleviate such symptoms. 

#4. Use More Pillows

Could you try lifting up your head a tad more when you sleep? When it comes to sleep, consider employing pillows as a tool for elevation. Upping the incline of your head and upper torso has been known to be quite effective. By doing this, you're putting up a barrier that helps prevent those splashes of stomach acid from going on an unwelcome journey back into the esophagus. 

#5. Steer clear of snug-fitting attire

Cinching your belt too tightly or wearing constrictive waistbands can amplify the pressure on your stomach. And that, mate, triggers a reflux. 

What To Do During an Acid Reflux Attack? So, how about doing yourself a favor? Wear clothes that are more easy-fitting - really comfy ones - especially during mealtimes and see the change.

#6. Choice of Beverage

Starting today, why not switch up your beverage routine? Get adventurous! Give water and herbal infusions - they're like a hug in a mug! - and non-citrus juice drinks a try. Oh, and by the way, you better lay off those caffeine-loaded pick-me-ups and fizzy drinks. 

#7. Have more Alkaline Foods

A handful of folks derive solace from chowing down on alkaline delectables and slurping alkalic beverages—bananas, melons, breakfast oatmeal. They're big fans of green vegetables too! 

#8. Go for Aloevera Juices

What To Drink for Acid Reflux? Try having Ginger and Aloe Vera... You could find some relief by sipping on ginger tea or even a glass of aloe vera juice. Why's that, you might ask? Well, it's because they're both loaded with anti-inflammatory benefits! 

#9. Healthcare Interventions 

Speaking of Over-the-Counter Antacids, let me detail some facts about them. While antacids have the potential to offer momentary respite by balancing out the stomach's acidity, it is important to recognize they don't represent a lasting solution. 

H2 Blockers combined with Proton Pump Inhibitors, often known simply as PPIs: For more advanced cases, these particular drugs can be quite beneficial. They work by curbing the production of stomach acid. Nevertheless, it's essential that a doctor supervise their use. So the question comes How To Cure Gerd Permanently?

We recommend you to book an appointment with Vijay Prakash Gastroenterology Doctor in Patna who has great specialization in the field of gastroenterology. He will be able to provide custom recommendations for your diet and lifestyle.

Your Digestive Health Matters: Expert Gastrologist in Patna Here to Help

This particular health condition, no doubt influenced by folks' diets, how they live their lives, and the genes they're born with, has played a part in its rather widespread manifestation. 

What's troubling is that we can see an alarming uptick in acid reflux cases all over our country through raw data. This difficult-to-ignore pattern points to a pressing need for creating awareness of it and acting proactively towards a solution. 

As stats clearly demonstrate this lends impact to the affected significant chunk of the populace—it's high time! 

We might need sweeping public health campaigns to up our game at enhancing healthcare facilities turning things around drastically. Lastly but importantly increased investment into research wouldn't hurt either. 

To properly tackle this problem, we must make a collective effort. Concentrate on spreading awareness about good diet and lifestyle decisions; let's not overlook making healthcare services available to all. 

Also worth noting is the continuous research needed for devising better treatments. It's through these combined endeavors we could tangibly lessen the acid reflux burden, uplift life quality for those affected, and carve out a more stringent future of health in India. 

And in such times doctors like Vijay Prakash a gastroenterologist in Patna make us believe that no disease is bigger if you choose the right treatment at the right time.

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