Is ADHD A Neurological Disorder – How Does It Affects Your Brain?

Is ADHD A Neurological Disorder

Living with ADHD is not everyone’s cup of tea, those who suffer from it know how bad it can be. It interferes with your daily to day life by creating problems in all areas.

However, despite being so harmful it was never taken seriously by both medical science and patients who suffer from it.

In recent few years when the whole world started raising concerns about mental health, ADHD also came into the limelight.

Now this stands as a global challenge because according a data around 5% of children and 2.5% of adults suffer from it worldwide.

However, in the opinion of a famous Neurologist in Patna despite its popularity still many people are not aware of its nature and origin.

They are still confused is ADHD a neurological disorder or something else? If you are also one of them keep reading to know the answer.


Is ADHD a Neurological Disorder?

The internet is filled with questions like “Is ADHD a learning disability or a Neurological Disorder?”. This shows that there’s a lot of confusion related to this issue, which needs to be cleared.

ADHD is 100% a neurological disorder that affects the development of the brain and leads to a certain type of behavior.

This neurodevelopment disorder may be present in patients from birth and the reason could be genetics.

If left untreated it creates problems with the learning ability and many other cognitive functions, which makes a person’s life hard right from childhood. But how and why is life with ADHD so hard?

Well, it gives rise to impulsive, fearless, and chaotic behavior that leads to an exhausting and stressful life. Let’s see what studies and research have to say about it.


What Scientific Studies Have to Say About ADHD?

Now we know if is ADHD neurological or psychological, but knowing this much will not be enough to deal with this issue.

You must have heard the saying “Knowledge is Power” and this is why we will gather knowledge about this issue by looking into its scientific studies and research.

A study published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience suggests that this neurological issue is linked to different regions of the brain.

Additionally, another study published in Lancet Psychiatry Author Manuscript claims that people with ADHD issue have certain areas of the brain smaller than normal people.

Taking these two studies into consideration it’s wrong to say that ADHD is one of the neurological disorders that affect the brain drastically.

But this is not the worst part about it, according to the top 1 neurologist in Patna, ADHD is nearly uncurable.

So, can a person with ADHD have a normal life? Yes, of course, some tips can help to manage this issue.


Ways to Manage ADHD

Do you know what causes ADHD in the brain? Well, we know that ADHD is a neurological disorder with a genetic component, which arises due to the imbalance levels of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Health experts believe that it is incurable but fortunately, some ways can help to manage it:


#1. Spend Some Green Time

While exploring whether is ADHD a neurological disorder or not we get to know that it’s nearly incurable.

However, one can manage it by spending some time outside in greens. This may sound surprising to you but health experts suggest that it has clear benefits for every patient with mental health issues.

Staying in natural and non-urban areas reduces the sensory input that we get in busy cities through moving cars and flashy lights.

This reduction in sensory input lowers the hyperactivity and inattention of ADHD. To get more of out your green time try to play sports are perform simple exercises.


#2. Behavioural Therapy

Can a neurologist see if you have ADHD? Yes, a neurologist can help you with your ADHD issue and so does a psychiatrist. A well-trained psychiatrist will use the Behavioural therapy method to get you out of your misery.

According to health experts, this therapy is extremely beneficial for children who suffer from ADHD if provided by the parents. This method aims to replace the negative behaviour with positive ones.

The new habits will help to improve focus, impulse control, and other cognitive behaviour.

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#3. Try Yoga and Meditation

Most people search for “बेस्ट न्यूरोलॉजिस्ट इन पटना” just to know whether is ADHD a mental illness or not.

Well, we know that it is a neurological issue but if avoided for a longer time it may lead to mental illness. However, managing it is not a big deal because one can do it with ease in their home through meditation and yoga.

Meditation thickens your prefrontal cortex which influences several cognitive functions like focus, planning, and impulse control.

On the other hand, yoga forces the user to control breath and to be in the movement. It helps the patients to focus and reduces the hyperactivity of the brain.


#4. Write it Down

To deal with ADHD neurological differences a pen and paper can be your ultimate ally. Most Nero doctors and psychiatrists suggest their patients practice journal writing to manage their ADHD.

It helps you press the pause button and stop the brain’s hyperactivity for a while.

This makes you relaxed and helps you to reflect on the day, which is a good solution for those who suffer from short memories because of ADHD.

Additionally, it also helps to identify and prioritize your goals and tasks of the day, which keeps you moving in the right direction even with a hyperactive mind.


#5. Develop a Daily Routine

The main concern for people with ADHD is that they are not able to complete tasks on time. However, one can manage it if he trains himself to follow the same routine daily.

Following a daily routine religiously will help you to manage time, which will make you more productive. When you see yourself completing the task you have assigned to yourself it boosts your confidence and reduces stress.

In a comparison of ADHD neurologists vs. psychiatrists, you will find both health experts have one similar advice to their patients which is to develop a daily routine.

Apart from these 5 ways getting an ample amount of sleep is also very necessary to manage ADHD.


Is ADHD Treatment Possible in Patna?

While exploring the topic “Is ADHD a neurological disorder” we get to know that yes, it’s a neurological disorder that has a drastic effect on the brain.

Additionally, we also learn that this mental health issue is also a lifetime condition that can’t be cured completely.

However, one can manage it with the help of some methods and lifestyle changes. In this blog, we have provided you with 5 most common and effective ones. If you have a desire to get more personalized tips you must contact a good neurologist.

But who is the best neurologist in Patna? Undoubtedly Dr. Anil Kumar Jha is the best doctor for neurology in Patna, who is a senior consultant and HOD at Big Apollo Spectra Hospital.

So, stop searching for a “neurologist in Patna near me” and come visit Big Apollo Spectra ASAP.


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