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Top 10 Hospitals in Patna

Patna is a growing city and healthcare plays an important role in its smooth functioning.

Without good hospitals, this city and the people in it will have to face a lot whether it’s financially physically, or emotionally.

However, because of the high medical care demand, Patna is full of healthcare centers that claim to be the best in their field. This creates confusion and makes it hard for the citizens to choose the best one for themselves.

Additionally, it is also not hidden to people that not every hospital is worth their time and money.

This is the reason why in this blog we are going to provide you with the names of the top 10 hospitals in Patna that are reliable and truth-worthy.


Top 10 Hospitals in Patna

If you have ever searched “Which state in India has the best hospital?” Bihar will surely be one of them.

This is because its capital Patna is home to several top-class hospitals that are well-reputed in the whole country. Here are the names of 10 of them:


#1. Big Apollo Spectra Patna

So who is the number one hospital in Patna? Well, Big Apollo Spectra is one such super specialty hospital in Patna that is famous for its world-class facilities.

This hospital aims to bring top-notch healthcare service within the reach of every individual in this city. The residents of Patna love to visit Big Apollo Spectra because of its affordable prices and vast range of services.

They are famous for providing different healthcare treatments in a very compassionate and personalized way. If you ask any individual in the city “What is the name of the best hospital?” you will hear Big Apollo Spectra as an answer a lot.

Additionally, this super specialty hospital in Patna comes under the list of Top 10 private hospitals in Patna also because of the availability of top health experts.

This Apollo Hospital in Patna has appointed a group of talented doctors who are well-qualified and experienced to handle severe cases.


#2. AIIMS Patna

AIIMS is one of the globally recognized institutes, this health center is the answer to the question “Which is the No1 hospital in the world?”.

AIIMS Patna branch is famous in the city for its health care service from day one. People trust this hospital because of its reputation and expertise.

They provide world-class service and treatments with the help of their talented doctors and the latest technologies.

AIIMS Patna also provides a vibrant environment and happening campus life for its patients, faculty, and staff.


#3. PMCH Patna

PMCH comes first in the list of top 10 government hospitals in Patna. It was founded in 1952 and it is one of the oldest medical colleges in ASIA.

Not only that is also the sixth oldest medical college in British India. The health experts of PMCH are famous in the whole city because of their expertise.

They have some of the best doctors in Patna who are well-experienced and trained in their fields. Those patients who have visited this Patna Hospital Government College, review it as the best in the town.


#4. IGIMS Patna

After the Patna Hospital PMCH, IGIMS is another government organization helping people for years. This health center has helped numerous people in bettering their lives.

IGIMS aims to develop an apex center for delivering the world’s best healthcare to the residents of Patna.

This autonomous institution of the state of Bihar is well-reputed and celebrated for its vast range of services and friendly environment.

It is truly worthy to hold the title of the best multispeciality hospital in Patna.


#5. PARAS HMRI Hospital

It will be a stupidity if we don’t include PARAS in the Patna hospital list. Its name comes at the top of the Patna Private Hospital List.

This health center provides specialized medical care services at affordable prices. People of this city entrust their health issues to paras because of its world-class team of health experts.

They are blessed with a group of talented health experts who are committed to their work.

Calling paras, the best Super specialty hospital in Patna would not be wrong as they are a leader in providing specialized patient-centric care.


#6. Savera Cancer and Multi Specialty Hospital

Savera is also one of the top 10 hospitals in Patna that has made a big name for itself in a short time. People call it the Patna best hospital for cancer but it also provides multi-specialty services.

It is running successfully, by carrying forward the mission to provide standard treatment at affordable cost.

They believe that every cancer patient should have the right to get treated irrespective of their financial background. Overall, this health center is one of the best hospitals in Kankarbagh, Patna.


#7. Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal

Mahavir Vaatsalya Aspatal is one of the Top 10 Hospitals in Bihar, located in the capital Patna. This health center is a constituted body of Sri Mahavir Sansthan Nyas Smiti.

It is full of talented health experts and modern therapeutic technologies. With the help of these healthcare tools and world-class experts, they provide more personalized healthcare services than their competitors.

They also provide 24×7 health care services to help people at any time.


#8. Ruban Hospital

When it comes to providing the best and most comprehensive medical services Ruban Hospital in Patna is one of the best in that.

They have the availability of some of Patna’s best healthcare experts. This hospital provides several different healthcare services under one roof.

It stands apart from all the other multi-specialty hospitals in Patna because of the super convenient and friendly environment.


#9. Medanta Hospital

Medanta Hospital, Patna is famous for its world-class and holistic healthcare approach. They are also famous for providing health services at an affordable cost.

With their top-notch healthcare services, this hospital is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape in Patna.

At Medanta you will get the availability of some of the best health professionals who are experts in dealing with major issues like cardiac arrest, neurological issues, and other health problems.


#10. Mediversal Hospital

Last but not least Mediversal Hospital in Patna is also the best in the town. It is run successfully by some of the best and most talented healthcare experts.

They are different from the rest of their competitor because of their clinical excellence and affordable healthcare services.

At Mediversal they believe in maintaining their core values, trust, transparency, and care. The infrastructure of this hospital is also worthy of a compliment.

So, these were the top 10 hospitals in Patna, you can choose any of them according to your preference. We also advise you to do your research before booking an appointment.


Leading the Way: Top 10 Hospitals in Patna

Patna is full of healthcare centers but it takes a lot of work to choose the best between them.

To make it easy for you, in this blog, we have given the names of the top 10 hospitals in Patna. All the above-mentioned healthcare centers are best in their respective ways.

However, if you are looking for an affordable multispeciality hospital that is also known for its patient’s convenient environment then you come to Big Apollo Spectra.

Regional folks call it the best in town because of our commitment to helping people at affordable prices. We are generally overbooked so we advise you to get in touch with us ASAP.

Top 10 Hospitals in Patna


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