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Emergency Hospital in Patna

In this fast-paced world where everyone is in a hurry, road accidents are common. At the time of this type of emergency when every second counts it is important to contact an emergency hospital in Patna.

However there are only a few healthcare centres in Patna that provide emergency services. Big Apollo Spectra is one such super specialty hospital in Patna that is reliable for 24×7 emergency and trauma care.

We at Big Apollo Spectra believe in providing the utmost care to patients who have emergency health hazards. Our highly qualified emergency room staff are trained to deal with and prioritise patients with emergency needs.

This is one of the reasons why people of this city call BIG Apollo Spectra the best hospital for emergency services.

However, before you invest your precious time in reaching out to us let’s first discuss when one should look for an emergency hospital. 


When to Look for the Emergency Hospital in Patna?

Firstly, if you are in the condition to decide whether to choose an emergency hospital or not then most probably you don’t need it.

This is because one should only look for the emergency hospital if patients have gone through severe accidents.

Furthermore, if you have difficulty breathing or experiencing unbearable pain in the chest then it’s also a good time to visit an emergency hospital.

Simply put any health hazard that you may feel can be life-threatening demands and immediate care should be treated at an emergency hospital.

If you have a doctor within your reach then you can also talk and take advice on whether the patients should look for the emergency service or not.

If your gut instinct or the doctor suggests the patients go for emergency service then, look no further than the Big Apollos Spectra.

Unlike other hospital, we provide 24×7 emergency service. There is a plethora of reasons to choose Big Apollo Spectra over other hospitals. 


Why Choose Big Apollo Spectra as an Emergency Hospital in Patna?

Big Apollo Spectra has made a name in the healthcare sector because of its world class services, which we provide at minimal cost. Here are the 3 reasons why people trust in us when it comes to emergency cases: 

  1. Group of Talented Doctors – A health centre is just a normal building without good doctors and health experts. This is why Big Apollo Spectra have a group of world-class doctors who are experts in their fields. You will be amazed to see the Apollo Hospital doctor’s list as most of them are big names in Patna’s health industry. 
  2. World-Class Equipment – After the health experts and doctors the most important thing to look for in an emergency hospital is the equipment. We have the state of imaging equipment made with the latest technology. The equipment help diagnose and treat wounds or diseases more precisely and accurately.  
  3. Compassionate Care – Emergency health conditions are also more damaging to mental health than physical. Patients are generally scared when they go through a medical emergency. This is why we have trained our staff and health experts to be more polite towards the patients as they are going through the toughest time of their lives. 

So these are the three main reasons why people keep coming to big Apollo Spectra for health treatment and you can trust us in an emergency.


Service Provided by The Emergency Hospital in Patna 

We, as the best hospital in Patna, took this title as our responsibility to provide the best healthcare services to the people of this city.

When talking of emergency care we have all kinds of services that are helpful in critical situations:

#1. Cardio-pulmonary Emergencies

Cardiopulmonary emergency means when the patient’s heart or lungs stop functioning. These types of health hazards are usually life-threatening. 

The most common types of Cardiopulmonary emergency are heart attack, stroke, and pulmonary embolism in which the arteries in the lungs get affected and lead to problems in breathing. 

We at Apollo Hospital in Patna provide services like cardiopulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR to deal with this type of emergency.

#2. Surgical Emergencies

A surgical emergency is a situation when the patient’s life can only be saved via performing surgery ASAP.

When patients have severe internal bleeding, organ damage, and blockage in the blood vessels, these medical conditions are known as surgical emergencies.

The hospital staff or doctor must fix the issue as soon as possible so that the patients can be on the safe side. This is why the surgeons of Apollo Emergency Hospital in Patna are trained to assess the patients quickly in a surgical emergency.

#3. Poisoning Cases

Poisoning cases are not very common but they need emergency care as it can take lives. We at Big Apollo Spectra focus on removing the poison from the body as quickly as possible.

Then we identify the poison carefully so that we can treat the patients with the right antidote. Our emergency room staff are well informed to handle this type of energy condition.

They know how to be calm and supportive while handling poisoning cases.

#4. Trauma-Related Emergencies

Trauma-related emergency cases mean the patients have very severe physical injuries that can lead to even death.

Physiological damage that is a result of some horrifying experience may also be considered as trauma-related emergencies.

Most trauma emergency cases are the result of injuries that are caused by some hazard like a road accident or burn, which need immediate medical attention.

Doctors at the Apollo Emergency Hospital Patna have years of experience handling these types of critical cases. Even the staff are well-trained to provide the first aid and assess them as quickly as possible.

Apart from these Big Apollo Spectra – The Best hospital in Patna is also well equipped to assess patients with emergency conditions like breathing difficulties, severe pain, heart attack, and severe cuts. 


Top Emergency Hospital You Can Trust in Patna

We can say that Big Apollo Spectra is surely one of the best emergency hospitals in Patna. People who have visited this health centre have only positive things to say about it.

The regional folks have given this medical centre the tag of the best multi-specialty hospital in Patna.

There is a plethora of reasons to choose Big Apollo Spectra like the world-class facilities and experienced healthcare professionals, but it’s 24×7 emergency services make it the best emergency hospital in the whole city. 


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