Can Sleep Disorder Cause Dementia – Know from Neurologist Patna

Can Sleep Disorder Cause Dementia

Have a problem getting a sound sleep? Well, this is not very uncommon in today’s time, as millions of people suffer from sleep disorders.

This health issue can lead to many problems including brain diseases. But the question of the hour is can sleep disorders cause dementia?

Well-health experts believe that sleep plays an important role in cognitive function, which indicates it may have a hand in giving rise to dementia.

Meanwhile, in this blog, we will try to understand whether sleep has a link with dementia or it’s just a myth. We will also discuss how to improve sleep as it may not reduce the risk of dementia, but it will surely improve your overall health.

So, tighten your seatbelts, and let’s delve into the journey of exploring the Mystery behind dementia and sleep.


Can Sleep Disorder Cause Dementia?

Before understanding the link between sleep and dementia risk, one should first understand what is dementia. It is one of the most common types of brain disease that mostly occurs in older people.

But now people below the age of 40 have also started getting affected by this disease. This early emergence of dementia in younger people has made people relate it to sleeping disorders.

But is it true? A long-term study done at Havard Medical School suggests that people who have problems falling asleep or have short sleep duration have an increased risk of dementia.

Not only this research if you look at even a new study on sleep and dementia, they tell the same story.

For example, a published article in Missouri Medication suggests that the alteration in sleep can be an important factor in increasing the risk of dementia.

While taking these studies and research into consideration, it’s clear that yes sleep disorders can lead to dementia.

So, if are suffering from a sleep disorder then it’s high time you fix this issue. According to the top neurologist in Patna, the best way to do it is by knowing the reason behind sleep disorders.


Reasons That Cause Sleep Disorder

While exploring the topic “Can sleep disorder cause dementia” we get to know that lack of sleep and dementia are related.

That’s why those who wish to prevent this cognitive disease should fix their sleep disorder problem. Here are some main causes behind sleep disorders, and understanding them will help to fix the issue:

#1. Physical and Mental Problems

It’s very evident that if you have any physical problem then it affects sleep, especially if the issue causes any kind of pain.

According to health experts, chronic pains that are the result of serious health issues like arthritis, back problems, or severe injury can affect sleep negatively.

Additionally, if you have a health condition that forces you to urinate at night can also disrupt your sleep. Not only physical but mental conditions are also the culprits in affecting sleep quality.

Many brain specialist doctors or even studies have shown that people with mental conditions like depression and anxiety suffer from sleep disorders and generally have difficulty falling asleep.

If you want to get in touch with the best brain specialist doctor in Patna to keep your mental health in check, visit Big Apollo Spectra Hospital.

Also, take care of your physical health to improve your sleep quality otherwise it will lead to some issues, as we know sleep and dementia or Alzheimer are related.


#2. Medical Reasons

If you have come this far in this blog, we believe that you no longer need to ask questions like “Can lack of sleep cause Alzheimer’s, dementia, and another cognitive issue”.

Sleep disorders can mess up your cognitive health and that’s why it’s important to fix it. Apart from physical and mental issues, some medical issues can also lead to sleep disorders.

Sleep Apnea is one of the common medical problems that play with our sleep. It affects our airways which causes breathing difficulty, which affects many bodily functions including sleep.

Additionally, Restless legs syndrome and Narcolepsy are some culprits behind the sleep disorder.

If you believe you have any of these problems, contact a head specialist doctor as soon as possible.


#3. Unsuitable Surrounding

Sleep and rest are something that are not only governed by internal factors but external factors also have a role to play in it.

Our surrounding affects the sleep quality but still, many people avoid turning their resting place into a sleep-friendly environment.

Environmental conditions such as temperature, bright light, bed comfort, mattress quality, and noise are such small things that make a huge impact on sleep.

For example, a study published in Wiley Online Library showed that students who have television in their bedroom go to bed later and sleep less at night than students who don’t have television.

So, if you have any of these issues then fix them as soon as possible to better your sleep quality. Contact the best head specialist doctor in Patna, especially if you have mental problems and issues like sleep apnea.

The Big Apollo Spectra Hospital has some of the best doctors who specialize in mental and neurological diseases. Meanwhile, you can use some of the other ways too for fixing your sleep quality.


Ways to Improve Sleep

Can sleep disorders cause dementia and other cognitive issue? Yes, it can and this means fixing your sleep issue is the best dementia insomnia treatment. So, here are some ways to improve sleep quality:

  1. Make a Sleep Schedule – Fix a time to wake up and go to sleep. This keeps your body’s circadian rhythm in check, which plays a huge role in improving sleep.
  2. Focus on Eating Habits – Don’t just eat what you get in your hand as processed foods, alcohol, and cigarettes can mess with your hormones which can affect your sleep. So, eat healthy and clean.
  3. Don’t Sleep Too Much in the Day Time – Napping in the daytime can make it hard for you to sleep in the night. Additionally, too much sleep and dementia are also proven to linked in some studies.
  4. Exercise – Doing physical activity regularly, can help you keep your sleep quality in check. However, don’t try to do it just before going to bed as it can affect your sleep.
  5. 5. Do Breathing Technique – Breathing techniques help you relax your mind and give you the power to deal with mental stress. We know that mental stress makes it difficult for people to sleep.

So, these are the 5 ways to keep your sleep in check and prevent diseases and cognitive diseases like dementia.

Going through this blog we get to learn that sleep disorders can cause cognitive issues like dementia.

Not only dementia, poor sleep can lead to many mental health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s too. To prevent these cognitive issues, one should know how to fix their sleep quality.

Further to help you with that we have given 5 tips to keep your sleep quality in check. Additionally, in this blog, we have discussed the 3 main causes of sleep disorders.

Understanding them will help you fix your sleep issues so that you can prevent brain diseases like dementia.

If you believe that you’re having trouble sleeping because of some neurological problem then you should consult a neuro specialist doctor.

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We have the best neurologists in Patna who are well-qualified and have years of experience in treatment of neuro disorders.


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