How Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Diabetes – Know the Factors

Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Diabetes

Your doctor told you that you have diabetes and now you are stressed by knowing that this disease is incurable.

Well, firstly you need to relax as you are not alone in this. Millions of people around the world suffer from diabetes and most of them are alive and kicking.

But, how do they do it? This disease may be incurable but it can be managed by doing some major lifestyle changes.

Avoiding certain kinds of foods and drinks is one of the most crucial parts of managing diabetes. This is why at Big Apollo Spectra we advise our clients to be conscious of what they are putting in their system.

Additionally, as the best hospital in Patna, we have also appointed top health experts to provide our diabetes patients with personalized treatment and effective tips for managing this disease.

If you want to get in touch with them then contact Big Apollo Spectra.

While providing tips to manage diabetes we have noticed that most patients want to know does alcohol consumption affect diabetes or not. if you are also one of them then you have landed on the right page.


Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Diabetes?

Most diabetic patients only need to work with a primary health care provider but in some severe cases, the cardiologist has to interfere.

This is because diabetes affects cardiovascular health and a cardiologist in Patna believes that alcohol can worsen diabetes.

So, can a diabetic patient drink alcohol? No, because it will lead to numerous other problems.

Now many of you must be wondering “Will my diabetes go away if I stop drinking alcohol?” Again, the answer is no, but it will surely play a huge role in managing it.

Health experts believe that alcohol disrupts the functioning of the liver creating problems in the blood regulation process. Let us know in detail how alcohol consumption affects diabetes.


How Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Diabetes?

Despite having so many negative health effects alcohol has become part of people’s lives. One of the reasons behind this is a popular belief that says little alcohol is not harmful at all.

So, if you also believe that then at least talk to a good cardiologist in Patna as alcohol has numerous effects on diabetes:

#1. Affect Blood Sugar Level

Does drinking alcohol raise blood sugar? Well, some alcoholic drinks such as beer which are sometimes high in carbs can increase blood sugar levels.

But, in diabetic patients, alcohol consumption may lead to Hypoglycemia. It is the condition the blood sugar levels decrease below the normal range.

What happens is when patients drink alcohol their liver starts breaking it down to eliminate the toxins. Due to this, the liver stops releasing glucose which helps keep the blood sugar at a normal level.  But how it is bad for diabetic patients?

Well, the blood sugar-lowering effect of alcohol will support the blood sugar-lowering effect of diabetic medicine in the body which will lead to hypoglycemia.


#2. May Interface with Medication

Those people who ask “Which alcohol is OK for diabetics?” should be aware because it can interfere with your Medication.

As we have discussed alcohol lowers the blood sugar level by putting too much pressure on the liver.

Health experts also believe that even a small amount of liquor stimulates the pancreas to make more insulin. This may be harmful for those who take insulin from outside to manage their diabetes.

Here also the combination of alcohol or insulin medication will result in hypoglycemia that will have negative effects on the body. Heart specialist in Patna suggests that sometimes it can lead to heart attack and stroke too.


#3. Increase Weight

It is a well-known fact nothing is better than getting back into the ideal shape to manage diabetes.

This is because the fat cells are more resistant to insulin than the muscle cells in the body, which eventually leads to high blood pressure.

So, if you wish to live a happier life with diabetes then you should focus on maintaining and reducing weight. However, alcohol can interfere with one’s weight loss process in many different ways.

Firstly, they are high in calories which will affect your calorie deficit state. Secondly, health experts say that it may stop the body from burning fat and also increase hunger.


#4. Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The doctors of the best heart hospital in Patna also say that drinking alcohol can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

They say this because in diabetes the patient’s blood pressure is already on the rise because of less insulin resistance. It is also very clear that drinking alcohol as well can increase blood pressure levels.

So, the additional increase in blood pressure because of alcohol may lead to cardiovascular disease in some patients. Some research and studies have also shown the link between alcohol and cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, nondiabetic patients should also avoid alcohol other wise may soon have to search for “heart clinic near me”. This is because alcohol can also lead to cardiovascular disease in nondiabetic patients.


#5. May Lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis

In some cases, the patients suffer from Ketoacidosis, which is one of the deadliest complications of diabetes.

It occurs when the liver starts converting the circulating fatty acid molecules into ketones in response to a lack of maintenance energy.

The body suffers from a lack of maintenance energy because the blood doesn’t have enough insulin to enter the cells.

Interestingly, along with diabetes alcohol consumption also can decrease insulin secretion, which will increase diabetic ketoacidosis.

It will lead to numerous side effects which sometimes can be life-threatening too. So, if you were wondering “Is whisky bad for diabetes or not” this was your answer.

We believe after coming this far in the blog you will never ask questions like “Does alcohol consumption affect diabetes?”.

Remember that drinking alcohol with diabetes will not only cause some minor issues but may force you to search for a “cardiologist doctor near me” as it affects heart health too.


The Link Between Alcohol Consumption and Diabetes

While figuring out does alcohol consumption affects diabetes or not? We get to know that yes it does affect diabetes and also worsens its complications.

The most dangerous effect alcohol has on diabetic patients is that it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. So, if by chance you were drinking alcohol heavily with diabetes then you must consult a good heart doctor in Patna.

Well, for that you don’t need to search for the “best cardiologist near me” as health experts at Big Apollo Spectra are ready to help any time. To deal with severe cardiovascular issues we have a 24×7 emergency service.

The patient can visit our hospital at any time of the day to get personalized and compassionate care.

Additionally, our prices are also very affordable so that every individual in the city can avail the benefits of our world-class health care facility.

So, wait no more and come to Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patna if you wish to live a healthy and happier life with diabetes.


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