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Can Chronic Hepatitis C Be Cured

Hepatitis C is a viral infection affecting millions of people worldwide. Gastroenterology doctors consider it a big challenge for the public because of its negative impacts on the liver.

This bloodborne virus causes inflammation in the liver that leads to discomfort. The most concerning thing about this virus is that it can spread through blood-to-blood contact.

But, how much blood is needed to transmit hep c?

Well, only a small trace of blood is enough for this disease to spread from one person to another. Those who are suffering from this disease should not take it lightly as it may be fatal sometimes.

Fever fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting are some of the hep c death symptoms.

We at Big Apollo Spectra always educate clients about these symptoms. The reason behind this is that chronic Hepatitis is much more dangerous than acute one.

This why as the super speciality hospital in Patna, we make sure to detect this disease in its earlier stage with the help of our medical experts.

We have appointed Patna’s best gastroenterology doctor to give our patients a top-notch healthcare service.

If you wish to get in touch with them then wait no more contact Big Apollo Spectra as soon as possible. Meanwhile, in this blog, we will try to find out whether chronic hepatitis c can be cured or not.


Can Chronic Hepatitis C Be Cured?

We know how is hep c transmitted from one person to another but most people don’t take it seriously. This is because sometimes acute hepatitis c tends to go away on its own.

But does chronic Hepatitis C ever go away? Well, according to the best gastroenterologist in Patna Hepatitis C can become a lifelong infection if not treated in time.

A chronic Hep C will cause severe health issues like liver damage, cancer, or sometimes death. However, if by chance you are suffering from chronic Hepatitis C then don’t lose hope.

Chronic hep c treatment success rate is 95%. This means most people who suffer from lifelong Hepatitis C infection can get treated.


How Can One Cure Chronic Hepatitis C?

So, now we know that chronic hepatitis c is treatable. But what we don’t know is how can one treat it.

In the opinion of a Gastrologist in Patna, earlier health experts used to treat hepatitis C patients with a combination of ribavirin and pegylated interferon.

They enhance the immune system which fights back the virus, and eventually kills it. But they come with some side effects and also don’t kill the virus directly.

This is why since 2011, the FDA has approved medications that can affect the virus directly. These hep c treatment new drugs include, sofosbuvir, grazoprevir, Technivie, and many more.

A stomach specialist in Patna claims that these medications can cure a patient in just 8 to 12 weeks of treatment. However, after finishing the treatment you may also need to take a few additional steps.


What to Do After Hepatitis C Treatment?

Can the liver repair itself after Hep C? Yes, once you get rid of the infection your liver will start healing itself through regeneration.

Health experts suggest that the healing time may differ according to the patient’s health and lifestyle choices.

However, on average, it may take 5 years. Additionally, after the treatment, you may also have to follow some additional steps to make sure your liver is healthy and functioning at its best:

  1. Keep Your Weight in Check – Overweight people are at a high risk of getting fatty liver which is one of the common causes of liver damage. It will support the liver-damaging effect of the Hepatitis C infection.
  2. Avoid Supplement – Many patients use supplements to strengthen and detox the liver. But, don’t use them just after your treatment as some of them may even worsen the liver condition.
  3. Stop Drinking Alcohol – Remember that after the treatment your liver is in a recovery process and in this particular period it needs proper nutrition to heal itself. This is why one should stop drinking alcohol at this as it has the potential to damage the liver.
  4. Don’t Miss Follow Up Appointments – You have to go for appointments so that doctors can check if you are still HCV positive or if the is virus completely vanishing. Again being HCV positive means that the virus is still in your system which needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Additionally, you also have to take a vaccine for Hepatitis B or A if you are planning to travel.

This is because we know that their a possibility of you being HCV-positive after the treatment and without a vaccine, you may also get other hepatitis viruses which will give rise to other various health problems.

So, if you are wondering “Can I travel with Hep C?” then this is your answer. Additionally, if you have also come this far in this blog then you must get the answer to the question “Can chronic hepatitis c be cured? “.

However, we believe you must also know ways to prevent Hepatitis C after all prevention is better than cure.


Ways to Prevent Hepatitis C

Those people who are serious about preventing hepatitis C generally ask questions like “Can hep c be transmitted through saliva” Well, according to a liver specialist in Patna Hepatitis doesn’t spread through saliva.

But many other things can spread this disease and that’s why everyone should follow some steps to prevent it:

  • Never share needles
  • Don’t share personal care items
  • Choose tattoo and piercing parlours carefully
  • Practice safe sex

So, these are some steps you must follow if you wish to not have Hepatitis C.

A stomach doctor in Patna believes if people can remember one simple rule which is to not get in direct contact with other people’s blood, then they can prevent Hepatitis C easily.


Treating and Curing Chronic Hepatitis C

While figuring out whether can chronic hepatitis c be cured or not, we get to know that yes it is a curable disease.

But it doesn’t mean one should take it lightly as their a 5% chance that it can become a lifelong infection if not treated at the right time.

But do you know what stage is chronic Hep C? Well, if an acute hepatitis c is left for 6 months it can become chronic.

If you are at that stage then wait no more and contact Big Apollo Spectra as soon as possible. We are the best hospital in Patna for liver-related issues.

At this Apollo Hospital in Patna, you will get the availability of some of the best gastroenterology doctors under one roof. All of them are experts in dealing with liver problems like Hepatitis C.

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