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How to Prevent Kidney Stones

These days kidney stones have become common. If you get affected by it once, you will remember it for the rest of your life. The reason behind this is the unbearable pain that comes along with it.

These stones are hard deposits of minerals and salt that form inside your kidney. Health experts suggest that having them sometimes causes pain that is equal to the pain of childbirth.

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t had it yet but it doesn’t mean you will not have it in the future.

This is why we at Big Apollo Spectra always advise our patients on how to prevent kidney stones. With this blog, we are going to do the same with you.

We will provide you with some of the best ways to prevent kidney stones. But first, we will try to understand what are its causes.


What Causes Kidney Stones?

Before knowing about vegetables to avoid kidney stones, one should first be aware of what leads to their formation in the first place.

They emerge when the urine starts containing crystal-forming substances. It can happen to anyone but some people are more prone to it than others.

It’s also not a gender-specific health condition but men get more kidney stones than women.

This condition also occurs when your urine lacks an adequate amount of substance that prevents crystals from sticking together. So, how can you prevent this from happening?


How to Prevent Kidney Stones?

Before moving further in the blog, you should know if can you 100% prevent kidney stones or not.

Well, there is no guaranteed way to prevent it, but there are ways that can reduce the chances of its occurrence. Here are the 7 most effective ones:


#1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

People try several different things to get rid of kidney stones without knowing what dissolves kidney stones fast. Well, to your surprise water is the most important thing that helps with kidney stone problems.

Always try to keep yourself hydrated and aim to drink enough fluid that forces your body to pass at least 2 liters of urine a day. If you find drinking plain water difficult then you can mix it up with citrus juice.

It will enhance its taste and will prevent the formation of kidney stones by binding up with calcium. According to the best kidney stone doctor in Patna, 3 liters of water in a day is a must to prevent kidney stones.


#2. Take Care Of Your Social Intake

If you love eating salty foods then there is bad news for you.

Salt contains sodium which has the potential to increase the amount of calcium in the urine. Increased amounts of calcium are one of the reasons that trigger kidney stones in People.

So, if you are wondering “How can I prevent kidney stones naturally?” start limiting your sodium intake as soon as possible.

To limit salt intake, you must avoid processed foods or foods that contain sodium nitrate. A low-salt diet will not only prevent kidney stones but also help lower blood pressure.

#3. Limit Animal Product

Do you know how to prevent kidney stones naturally? Well, avoiding meat is one of the best ways to which you can naturally avoid this health issue.

This is because animal products are acidic, which may lead to an increase in urine acid, which supports the formation of calcium oxalate kidney stones. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to become a full-fledged vegetarian.

Health experts suggest one should not overeat meat more than 8 ounces a day. Also, remember that red meat is not the only meat that leads to kidney stones.

However, it comes under the list of foods that cause kidney stones. Chicken, pork, and fish are also a type of meats that one should avoid.

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#4. Add Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet

Eating natural foods like fruits and veggies is one of the best ways to opt for a healthy lifestyle.

They help to lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels and also prevent some types of cancer. Health experts also suggest that eating fruits and veggies can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.

This inhibits the calcium bits from sticking together by increasing urinary citrate. So if you are wondering “What food stops kidney stones?” the veggies and fruits in your kitchen are the answer.

Food like broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, kale, and cabbage are best for preventing kidney stones. So, now you know what is the best food to eat when you have kidney stones.


#5. Watch Your Oxalate

While discussing the topic “how to prevent kidney stones” many health experts forget about oxalate. It’s a natural compound found in natural foods like vegetables and grains.

According to the best stone hospital in Patna, some kidney stones are made up of oxalate. This compound can bind with calcium in the urine which can lead to kidney stones.

So, if you think there’s a chance of you getting affected by kidney stones due to your medical history, you should avoid oxalate-rich foods. Spinach, Chocolate, Sweet Potatoes, Coffee, Beets, Peanuts, and rhubarb are some oxalate-rich foods.

However, if you are not in danger of getting kidney stones, you can have these foods while combining them with calcium-rich sources.


#6. Avoid Vitamin C Supplements

Health experts suggest to avoid vitamin C supplements to prevent kidney stones.

Vitamin C supplements are very beneficial for overall health but studies have suggested that it may increase the risk of having kidney stones.

This is because a high dosage of this vitamin is metabolized into oxalate and we know oxalate binds with the calcium in the urine, which leads to kidney stones.

However, remember that studies have only found kidney stone problems in vitamin C supplements, natural food sources of vitamin C are not under suspicion.

So, you can complete your vitamin C dosage with natural foods without any issues.


#7. Eat Calcium-rich Foods

If you look at the 7 daily kidney stone diet charts, you will find calcium-rich foods in abundance.

However, this may be surprising to you because we have discussed that an increased amount of calcium in urine is one of the reasons for kidney stones.

Some health experts also believe that consuming calcium through natural foods lowers the risk of having kidney stones. This is because dietary calcium binds to oxalate which inhibits its absorption in the bloodstream.

It leads to less concentration of oxalate in the urine, which reduces the risk of having calcium oxalate stone.

So these were the tips on how to prevent kidney stones. All of these ways are proven and effective and if you want to know more about them in detail, you can Contact Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patn at as we have the best Urologist doctors.

With us, you also don’t need to worry about kidney stone surgery costs in Patna as we provide services in a very pocket-friendly manner.


Preventing Kidney Stones Before They Form

Kidney stones issues have become common these days. According to data, half a million people visit emergency rooms for kidney stone problems.

There could be many reasons behind it but poor diet is one of them. However, in this blog, we have discussed how to prevent kidney stones with the help of 7 different ways.

If you want to get more detailed information about the prevention of kidney stones, you must consult Big Apollo Spectra Hospital in Patna.

If by chance you are diagnosed with kidney stone then you also don’t need to search “kidney stone doctor near me” as we have some of Patna’s best urologists.

These committed health experts have helped numerous people with kidney stones and other urology issues. So, wait no more and contact Big Apollo Spectra ASAP.


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