Tips to Manage Constipation Naturally – Remedies for Relief

How to Manage Constipation Naturally

Severe constipation can lead to other health issues which may even result in death. Do you also suffer from constipation?

Most people ignore this issue for a long time and get in trouble. After being aware of this most people become interested in knowing how to manage constipation naturally.

If you are also one of them, then you have landed on the right page. We as the best super speciality hospital in Patna have treated numerous people with constipation issues.

Big Apollo has the availability of a top gastrologist in Patna, who is well qualified and experienced to fix gust issues like constipation.

With this blog, we are going to do the same by sharing proven and effective ways to get immediate constipation relief at home naturally.

How to Manage Constipation Naturally? Managing constipation is not a big deal, but normal folks are not able to do it because they don’t know the right ways.


Dietary Changes to Manage Constipation

But this blog will provide some tips that even the stomach specialist in Patna vouches for. So, here is how to relieve constipation pain and other issues naturally:

It’s a well-aware fact that constipation is gut related issue. So, to fix this we have to first take care of the gut.

According to the best stomach doctor in Patna changing the diet should be the first step to improve gut health and fix constipation naturally. So, here’s some dietary tips:


#1. Add Fibrous Food to Your Diet

The best constipation treatment for adults is to add more fiber to their daily diet. Fiber absorbs water and improves the consistency of the stool, which makes it easier to pass through the intestine.

According to health experts, almost every normal individual should eat 25-28 grams of fiber daily.  However, unfortunately, only a few percent of the population can reach that number.

Fiber not only improves bowel movement but also supports healthy digestion. This is the reason why almost every gastroenterology doctor in Patna suggests their patients eat fibrous foods.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are some of the great fibrous food options.


#2. Drink More Fluids

Do you what is the instant Indian home remedy for constipation? Well, to your surprise drinking more water or any kind of fluid is necessary to support bowel movement. We have discussed that fiber absorbs water which softens the stool.

Additionally, water also helps to get things moving smoothly. Try to at least drink 2 liters of water or any kind of healthy liquid like fruit juice daily.

When it comes to juice Prune juice is the best one to deal with constipation. It contains sorbitol which is a kind of natural laxatives that work fast in treating issues like constipation.


#3. Use Probiotic Foods

The regional folks call us the Patna best hospital for gastroenterology issues because we always focus on treating clients in a more natural way.

When someone comes to us with constipation issues, we always suggest they change their diet.  Changing diet not only means adding fiber and drinking fluid, but using probiotic foods is also very necessary to keep the gut issues away.

They are filled with good bacteria, which support digestion and bowel movement too. Many studies have proven that using probiotic supplements or consuming probiotic foods can help deal with constipation.

Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut are some of the best probiotic food options.


#4. Increase Magnesium Intake  

According to the best gastroenterologist in Patna, magnesium deficiency is one of the reasons behind constipation. It supports the absorption process of nutrients in the body and many other bodily functions.

Keeping the digestive process running smoothly is one such role of this mineral. It is believed that magnesium citrate is one of the best choices to fix constipation as it is not hard on the stomach.

Additionally, it also acts as an osmotic laxative, which makes the stool softer by absorbing water.

So, these were some dietary changes that will help you to deal with your gut issues.

However, while exploring how to manage constipation naturally, we can’t avoid some other important lifestyle changes that are also very useful in fixing constipation.


Other Lifestyle Changes to Manage Constipation

Dietary changes are indeed one of the best ways to manage constipation.

But, the story doesn’t end here, along with diet you have to focus on a few other things to fix this issue. So, here are some other lifestyle changes that will help you fix constipation:


#1. Exercise Regularly

Those who want to know how to stimulate bowel movement immediately should start exercising and opt for any physical activity.

It simply improves blood flow to the abdomen area which stimulates your digestive tract and bowel movement.

Every normal person should do at least 30 minutes of exercise regularly. It not only improves gut function but also supports other bodily functions too.

This is why even the liver specialist in Patna suggests their clients do physical activity as it decreases the stress on the liver.


#2. Set a Time for Bowel Movement

Their are many medications that give immediate constipation relief to adults, but they are not permanent solutions.

To fix your constipation permanently you need to set a time for bowel movement. It is called bowel training when a person tries to have a bowel movement daily at a fixed time.

Health experts suggest fixing a time 20-30 minutes after a meal for bowel movement is a healthy move. You can also combine this routine with a glass of warm water.


#3. Fix Your Bathroom Habits

Do you know how to relieve constipation on the toilet immediately?

Well, there is a high probability you don’t because this is not taught to us. Fixing your bathroom habits can change and support your bowel movements.

If you use a Western toilet then you can put a stool under your ankles to raise your knee above the hips. This relaxes your digestive muscles, which improves the bowel movement.

Also, avoid using a smartphone and other devices during bowel movements as they take away your focus.


#4. Manage Stress

Yes, you read it right you need to manage your stress levels to deal with your constipation. It’s a lesser-known reason that not even the doctors of so a best hospital in Patna are aware of.

Stress can slow down the movement of stool through the intestine. This affects the bowel movement and leads to issues like constipation.

Apart from these lifestyle changes abdominal massage is also one such habit that can help you manage constipation.

However, if these natural ways are not helping you fix your issue, you need to look for a good gastrologist in Patna. This is because severe constipation needs serious medical attention.


Will These Natural Remedies for Managing Constipation Work?

Constipation is a common issue that can be fixed naturally if it’s not severe. This is why through this blog we tried to learn how to manage constipation naturally.

We get to know about some dietary and lifestyle changes to fix constipation naturally.

However, we also learn that severe constipation will need professional medical attention. To get that, one has to contact a good gastroenterology doctor or hospital.

But you don’t have to search for best gastroenterology hospital in Patna near me on your device as Big Apollo Hospital in Patna has the availability of some of the best gastroenterology doctors.

Our health experts have helped numerous people with severe constipation issues and other gut problems. So, wait no more and book an appointment at Big Apollo Spectra through our contact page.


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