Guide to Post Hip Replacement Surgery – Recovery & Rehabilitation

Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery Time

Nowadays majority of people are crazy about their muscle health. In the process of achieving a muscular physique, they forget to take care of their joints.

This has led many to suffer from joint issues, especially in the hip area. The hip joints play a crucial role in bodily movements.

A damaged hip joint will restrict you from doing important day-to-day activities and will also give an unbearable pain.

However, there’s a surgical method that provides a permanent solution to It, which is hip replacement surgery.

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Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery Time

Hip replacement is a major surgery that takes a toll on your overall health. However, because of medical advancements, the procedure is becoming easier day by day.

It is one of the most successful surgical procedures in the whole medical field. This is why the chances of having the complication in minimal, which results in faster recovery. On average, a hip replacement will take a maximum of four weeks to get recovered.

But we shouldn’t forget that everyone’s body is different.

Age plays a crucial role in the recovery process of replacement surgeries. hip replacement recovery time for a 70-year-old patient will be much longer than for younger patients who are in their 40s.

Furthermore, some patients began to walk with the help of a walker just one day after the surgery.

If we look at total hip replacement recovery week by week, then according to health experts after 12 weeks a person will be able to do most of the normal activities.

Additionally, one can reduce this time too by speeding up their recovery process.


How to Speed Up The Hip Replacement Recovery?

If you are trying to know how long does it take to walk normally after hip surgery? Then let us tell you, there is no definitive answer to it.

Some take weeks and some take months to stand on their feet. But, whatever may be your recovery time, you can reduce it with the help of some tips:

#1. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle Before Surgery

If you wish to minimize the hip replacement surgery recovery time, then must focus on your overall well-being. You have to start this process way before the surgery.

Those people who follow a healthy and active lifestyle generally have less recovery time than others.

So, if you love a sedentary lifestyle, then change this habit as soon as possible. Follow a workout routine and start eating a well-balanced diet at least a month before your surgery.

Additionally, also keep your body weight in check as it puts pressure on the joint which can interfere with the recovery process.


#2. Create a Healing Environment at Home

As we have discussed age plays a key role in hip surgery recovery and hip replacement recovery time 60-year-old or 70-year-old patients will be more than the younger patients.

This is why health experts suggest their elderly patients prepare their homes in advance.

Try to put all the important things within the reach of your bed or resting area. This will help you provide your body with the rest, it will need after the surgery.

Take help from your friends and family in reorganizing your home and also ask them for their suggestions. You will also need some help in handling daily household chores after the surgery, so manage it too.


#3. Learn to Control Pain

Do you know what to expect the first week after hip replacement surgery? You experience pain in your affected area which is a very normal thing.

But, one should not avoid it. This pain will create discomfort and interfere with the recovery process.

That’s why it’s become important to manage pain after the surgery. Most people believe in pushing through pain but this principle is not applicable here. It will put disturbance in your physical therapy process, which will slow down your recovery.

So be honest about your pain and ask for help from your doctor. You can also rely on pain reliever medicines to manage the pain.


#4. Manage your Daily task

Before releasing you from the hospital, the doctor will provide you with a list of lifetime precautions after hip replacement.

But, there are also some things hip replacement patients should avoid temporarily after the surgery for a faster recovery. Your daily tasks such as showering can not be done immediately after the hip replacement.

This is because it will wet the affected area which may interface with the incision. Additionally, running and walking for longer periods is also not recommended because it may dislocate the newly implanted joints.

Also, try to use public transport or hire a driver because driving is restricted after the surgery for a few weeks.

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#5. Physical therapy + Rest

Engaging in physical therapy and combining it with plenty of rest is the best way to reduce hip replacement surgery recovery time.

This is because both moving your body and giving it time to rest are important for faster recovery. One just has to find a perfect balance between these two.

A physical therapist will only tell you to move that much, which is necessary for your recovery as too much physical activity is also not recommended.

Physical therapy exercises will improve blood flow and reduce inflammation which will support recovery. On the other hand, resting will give the body the needed time to adapt, grow, and heal faster. 

While following these tips don’t forget to provide needed nutrients through healthy foods. It is very crucial especially to speed up the hip replacement recovery time of 75-year-old or 80-year-old patients.


Understanding Hip Replacement Recovery Expectations

There is no specific time frame to decide a hip replacement surgery recovery time. This is because everyone’s body is different and the healing process relies on many factors.

But, according to health experts, an average maximum of 4 weeks is necessary to get on the feet, and 12 weeks to perform normal daily activities. But following some tips can help to reduce this recovery time too.

In this blog, we have discussed 5 common and effective tips. Furthermore, if you believe that your recovery is taking longer than expected, then there must be some issue with the newly implanted joint.

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